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 Melini - 70 Geared Protection Warrior Barthilas Server

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Melini - 70 Geared Protection Warrior Barthilas Server Empty
PostSubject: Melini - 70 Geared Protection Warrior Barthilas Server   Melini - 70 Geared Protection Warrior Barthilas Server Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 4:55 am

Application requirement:
1. level 70 - yes
2. karazhan attuned - yes

Please answer the following questions in your application.

1. What is your character's name/class/race/kara attuned or not?
Character Name: Melini
Class: Warrior/Protection Spec
Kara attuned - Yes i am.

2. What previous guilds have you been in and why did you leave them? List them ALL, including guilds on previous servers if you are a cross-server applicant.
Before i xferred I used to be in House Dragonmoon on Lightninghoof raided lvl 60 raids with these guys.
Then was with Leviticus and left them to come to this server raided lvl 60 raids with these guys.
I was in Final Hour i left because Final Hour Merged into a guild now known as Surge. I didn't like it so I said my goodbyes and left.
I was then in Alpha Crew but I left because I wasn't getting into raids at all as they only had 2 kara groups going. And also because im more geared than most of their tanks. Except Cirrus, Cyberfonji (or w/e he is) and another warrior can't think of his name.

3. How much raid experience do you have?

I have done all the instances in Azeroth except Ony and Naxxramas.

I have done Grulls, and Karazhan (cleared to prince, done every boss fight) in outlands.
I have also attempted Magtheridon's Lair.

4. What is your availability raiding time(weekdays and weekends)? What was your raid attendance in your previous guilds?
Most nights, altho there are the odd nights when I go to University or I work.

5. Are you able to use Ventrilo and install mods required by the guild? Do you have a microphone?
Yes I have latest Ventrilo, and I have a headset+mic.

6. Provide a link to your character's armory page.

7. Provide a screenshot of your character's UI in a raid setting.
I dont have any screenshots:

I have KTM or KLH Threat Meter
I have dps charts
I have outfitter
I have X-Perl
I have SW Stats
I have atlas loot
I have coordinates mod

8. Please post your talent spec and the reasons you use it.(would u like to respec whenever for raid need)

Protection Specialization
current spec - | Arms 4 | Fury 0 | Protection 57 |

List of selected talents
Improved Bloodrage - gain more rage with bloodrage.
Tactical Mastery - Redeem rage pts when switching stances.
Anticipation - Improved Defense
Toughness - Increased Armor Value
Shield Specialization - Improve block chance
Improved Shield Block - block 2 attacks instead of 1
Last Stand - more hp blah blah
Improved Revenge - Stun chance ftw
Defiance - 15% more threat generated
Improved Sunder - Cheaper by the dozen
Improved Taunt - Reduced CD
Concussion Blow - 5 sec stun
Improved Shield Bash - Silence ftw
Shield Mastery - sponge
1-handed specialization - more damage more threat
Improved Defensive Stance - Magic don't hurt me
Shield Slam - weeee threat
Focused Rage - Cheap Heroic Strikes mmmhmm
Vitality - Hp is ftw
Devastate - Reapply Sunders
Deflection - Parry chance increased

9. Personal information. Tell us a little about yourself.(like: the country you are from, age, career and language you speak )

Name Casey Chong
Country im from - Australia, Queensland
Age - 20 years old, Male
Career - University Student - Studying Bachelor of IT in co-op.
Language spoken - English

10. Is there anything else you would want us to know about yourself or your character?
Im hawwwt

11. How can we get in touch with you?(IE AIM, ICQ, IRC, email address that is checked daily)
I also have live MSN.

Need an offtank or a secondary tank, im here.
Or if u need dps i can respec I have epic/rare dps gear also.
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Melini - 70 Geared Protection Warrior Barthilas Server
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