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PostSubject: Guild policy   Guild policy Icon_minitimeSun Jun 24, 2007 10:11 am

I. Guild introduction

Ministry is a high level end game raiding guild with a group of experienced
players with a high level of skill, knowledge and commitment.

II. Member expectations

You're Commitments to Ministry include:
~ Farming potions and materials for the guild as it becomes necessary.
~ Supplying you're own flask's and potions everytime you attempt a raid.
~ Change your current talent spec to overcome or make encounters easier.
~ Maintain a minimum of 70% raid attendance(wtih a guild rank "raider" have highest loot priority).
~Maintain a raid attendance from 40% to 70% ( with a guild rank "member" have medium loot priority).
~ Maintain a raid attendance below 40% will be removal from the guild with cleaning dkp aswell
Note: Being afk without notice
for five or more days will result in guild removal.
~ Have a stable internet connection and PC (5fps, regulary dropping out and
being offen laggy is unacceptable).
~ A working microphone and that use use one of the guild Ventrilo servers
for Raiding.
~ Be a friendly, generous, mature, patient person and be able to follow
~ Have responsibility!
~ Be dedicated and motivated to achieve everything the game has to offer

III. Recruitment

The recruitment stage lasts as long as it takes for the guild to make up
their mind on whether or not you're a good enough! (Usually about three
weeks). As a recruit, you will accumulate DKP in the same way a member
would. However, you will be unable to spend/bid on items. If the item is not
needed by any other member, then you will be allowed to bid on the item.

This time spent as a recruit will allow the guild to get to know you and
actually see if you're match the requirement of Ministry. We takes
individual skill very seriously, so if you are not up to scratch then there
will be no hesitation in removing you from the guild.

After the recruitment process, the officers and guild members will give
feedback on your performance, your attitude and personality. Based upon this
information the guild will decide if you are promoted to full member or not.

IV. Raid Requirements

Be on time and at the right place (100% durability and all the necessary
consumables). Always perform your best, don't play half arsed or don't
coming. Afk'ing is okay, as long as it's at the right time and for no longer
than 2 minutes. You must let an officer know when you are going afk! You
be in the correct Ventrillo channel and you must be motivated even if we are
on our 100th wipe for a raid.

Raid Schedule (May be changed for the benefit of the guild)
All Raiding times are based on Server Time, AEST (Australian Eastern
~ Weds - start @ 4~7pm - depend on groups(karazhan)Note: might change the
time if karazhan become not necessary.
~ Thurs - start from 6pm
~ Fri - start from 6:30pm
~ Sun - 4:30pm
~ Mon - 6:00pm
Normally all raid's will last around 4 hrs, except karazan raids.

V. Guild guidelines

General Dont Do's:

~ Bad language - Swearing or Abuse in a derogatory manner in general chat
(or any public chat) should be avoided AT ALL TIMES! Not only does it hurt
the reputation of the players in the guild, but more than likely you will
get reported anyway.
~ Ninja looting - Ministry has a zero tolerance policy on ninja's and will
its best to make sure you never see another raid on the server again.
~ Not following the rules and regulations set by the guild. They are there
be followed!
~ Whining about loot and/or being a "Loot Hoare". It's an item, it will drop
again, get over it!.
~ PVP is definitely encouraged; however raiding will take priority always!
During any of our scheduled raids you would be expected to leave the BG
immediately and be ready to start the raid on time. Once we're on top of
game content and time provides there will of course be plenty of pvp

VI. DKP - Ministry uses a set-value dkp sysyem

You will accumulate a base number of points per hour for official raid
content(starting a new boss etc.) there will be no standby dkp for official
There will also be further 'bonus' dkp given at officer discretion on
completion of a raid. For example: If a raid is smooth or if certain goals
are achieved.
When a boss has been downed more than twice and the fight becomes smooth,
standby dkp will be applied for that boss encounter. however, standby dkp
only gives those players waiting outside the instance or around the instance
(can join the raid asap after been asked to replace someone else). To gain
standby dkp, you have to stand outside the instance in one minute after the
raid has zoned in and be outside the instance for one minute after raid has
finished. Being afk when you are asked to replace someone will result in
to earn standby dkp.

When an item drops, the loot master will call for bids. All bids must be
doing /roll 1 to indicate the Loot Master that you want the loot. After a
while Loot Master will do a 5 seconds count down. After the 5 seconds count
down, no more bid will be accepted and he will check the dkp of the players
that bid on the item. The Player with the highest dkp among the bidders will
win the loot. If the item is unwanted, the item will be auctioned from half
its normal price. If the item is still unwanted it will be Disenchanted.

Being late to raids, multiple afk's or afk's at the wrong time will also
result in severe penalties. Follow instructions if you're told to be quiet
on vent do it! If you do anything to result in a wipe on a known encounter
after being told multiple times you may be penalised minus dkp. Repeat
offenders may be removed from the guild.

Think you want to apply for Ministry? Head over to our recruitment section
in our forums and apply! Good luck!

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Guild policy
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