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 Fant - 70 Warlock

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PostSubject: Fant - 70 Warlock   Fant - 70 Warlock Icon_minitimeFri Jun 29, 2007 10:07 am


Application requirement:
1. level 70 yes
2. karazhan attuned yes, Revered rep

Please answer the following questions in your application.

1. What is your character's name/class/race/kara attuned or not?
Fant, Warlock, Gnome, Attuned

2. What previous guilds have you been in and why did you leave them? List them ALL, including guilds on previous servers if you are a cross-server applicant.

Schism, Snitch, and a lot of small guilds after it, don't go to Schism again becouse gon't like leader

3. How much raid experience do you have?
MC, BWL AQ, Naxx
Kara too, down Price

4. What is your availability raiding time(weekdays and weekends)? What was your raid attendance in your previous guilds?
wensday thisday and sunday will be good
I think cant on monday, but I will do 3 days in week at least

5. Are you able to use Ventrilo and install mods required by the guild? Do you have a microphone?
Have it, have it, but don't like to talk

6. Provide a link to your character's armory page.
I have > 1000 +dmg in raid gear

7. Provide a screenshot of your character's UI in a raid setting.
??? what for ?

8. Please post your talent spec and the reasons you use it.(would u like to respec whenever for raid need)
I am 41/0/20 now, preffer 40/0/21 it more dps but you need good tank to take out agro from me in it case Smile
can respec, but my spec good for raid

9. Personal information. Tell us a little about yourself.(like: the country you are from, age, career and language you speak )
24, programmer, I am in NZ now, Russian
my english good enough

10. Is there anything else you would want us to know about yourself or your character?
I was played with a lot of ppls Smile ask members may be they remember me Smile I want leave curent guild becouse didn't have spot in raid > month and look like I will not have it

11. How can we get in touch with you?(IE AIM, ICQ, IRC, email address that is checked daily)
catch me in game
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PostSubject: Re: Fant - 70 Warlock   Fant - 70 Warlock Icon_minitimeSun Jul 01, 2007 12:42 am

Everything seems cool to me. glade to tell u that, ur application is successed. pst me in game for ginvite plz! but make sure u read the guild policy and know that in the three week's trial period u might not be able to get 25 man loot.
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Fant - 70 Warlock
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